Good morning!

Finally, this kiddo is starting to earn her keep!

She knows what her parents need

She knows what her parents need

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A little video update

So, at the moment, it seems that blogging is not something we are able to fit into our lives regularly. However, a little video clip or two seemed possible this morning.

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Talvi has been in no particular rush to talk. She has no trouble making her wants and desires known with sign language. And with the 15 or 20 signs she knows, plus a much larger vocabulary of words she understands, we’ve mostly avoided major “I want that thing and you don’t understand what it is” meltdowns.

But of course, we’re eager to hear her voice. And so for the last few weeks, it’s been very exciting to hear her wander around experimented with “Da” and “Dada.” And then yesterday, she broke out “Mama” as well. We figure once she grasps how much more stuff she can ask for with verbal language, she’ll be full of words in no time.


Talvi Year One

As a gift for the grandparents, we made a book of our favorite pictures from Talvi’s first year on Earth. Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can see the book here (use the little button to the left of the Blurb button to make it full-screen):

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Vacuuming (Part Two)

So, Talvi is very fond of the full-size vacuum. But over the last few days, she’s discovered that she can wedge herself behind the radiator where the dustbuster lives. And voila! Baby-sized vacuum.

So today, she saw Kesa sweeping. Thought she could use a little help. Went and got the dustbuster and had me turn it on. And….



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The Mirror Test

There’s a famous developmental milestone called “The Mirror Test,” which is the moment when a child realizes that the person staring back at them from the mirror is themselves. In the animal kingdom, only the Great Apes, dolphins, orcas, elephants and European magpies can pass the mirror test. In humans, it usually happens around 18 months.  (If you’re wondering what an elephant passing the mirror test looks like, it looks awesome.)

For months, Talvi has been peeking around behind the mirror to figure out where the person she sees is hiding. But in the last few days, something has definitely changed. All of a sudden, she knows something weird is going on. I don’t think she knows quite what it is yet, but something isn’t right.


Later, she kept putting her fingers up to the mirror and watching them get closer in real life and get closer in the mirror. I’ll try to get that on video soon, because it’s pretty amazing to watch her mind work.

Baby Video


Some kids are put off by loud noises. Our wild child is not one of those kids.

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The Busiest Baby on the Block

We have no idea what the goal of this activity is, other than moving little packets from one place to another, and then back again, and then back again, and then….

But it’s been going on for 15 minutes without pause and Talvi’s entertained, so we’re not asking any questions.

Baby Video

This is the hardest I’ve ever seen Talvi laugh

The chase game is Talvi’s absolute favorite right now. Who exactly is chasing whom isn’t exactly clear. But no matter, it’s pretty hilarious.

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These Shoes Were Made For Walking

I know, I know. We’re terrible correspondents. Turns out life is busy with a toddler, what with the hugely destructive tornado that hits the house around the same time every morning. More updates coming, but to tide you over, here’s a video of Talvi conquering the latest challenge in walking: Shoes!