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St. Louis Travel

26 Hours in St. Louis

I was asked to come to speak to the National Education Association’s state presidents at their conference in St. Louis. It felt kind of silly to fly all the way to St. Louis to do 90 minutes of presenting, but they insisted. So I left Friday night, got to St. Louis, ate dinner, went to sleep, got up, had breakfast with some very nice teachers, talked to the group for 90 minutes, walked over and saw the arch (did you know they have a giant arch in St. Louis?), got in a cab, headed back to the airport and came home.

Door to door to door was 26 hours. So, really, I suppose it was more like 18 hours in St. Louis.

New Organizing Institute San Francisco Travel

Our trip to San Francisco

After Seattle, we headed to San Francisco for July 4th. I was teaching an Analytics workshop on the 5th and 6th, so we got to hang out with Sarah K. and Jesse and Gabby.  On the 4th, we got to see some fireworks from Billy Goat Hill Park (though the fog rolled in and made it a bit hard to see). And on the 5th, we headed out to the Outer Sunset and watched the sun set over the Pacific.

But most importantly, we got to eat ridiculous amounts of yummy food, including (but not limited to): Sarah K’s watermelon and jalapeño salad, Sarah K’s lemon icebox pie (which was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten), an excellent dinner at Outerlands, a great burrata sandwich from Mission Cheese, and a ridiculous amount of stuff from Tartine Bakery (bread pudding, croissants of various varieties, morning buns, and of course, bread).

Although we were in San Francisco for less than 72 hours, I went to Tartine three times.  It was everything I’d hoped for and more.

Seattle Travel Weddings

Babies and Crumpets and Weddings, oh my!

We went out to Seattle and managed to see and do a ton in just a few days.  We saw Abby and David and Julia and Ethan, who were nice enough to come over to Tanya and Dave’s for dinner.  We went to Kesa’s dance professor, Jen’s, wedding at the UW Faculty Club. We visited REI and the Pike Place Market, which even after many trips to Seattle, I’d never done. And Kesa’s goddaughter JJ got baptized.  We also visited with a bunch of other family and friends and managed not to get rained on too much.