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Neither rain nor sleet nor snow…

nor a hurricane wrapped in a Nor’easter wrapped in an enigma wrapped in bacon will stop us from taking our weekly photos.


So far, so good

Jenny, Kesa, Montie and I are hunkered down in Park Slope (while Dalen, Kevin and Fitz are bundled up in Midwood) and so far at least, all’s well. No outages for us yet, though others are starting to get them. And Twitter tells us that a full-grown tree was knocked over two blocks away–torn up at the roots.

So, this definitely isn’t a storm to be taken lightly (and we’re not). But for us at least, not a ton of rain so far, though the wind has really picked up over the last hour or so and the worst of Sandy is still hours away.  So, we’ll see.  Here’s hoping everybody stays warm, dry and safe.


How do you say “pastry coma” in Russian?


Yesterday, Dalen and I took an afternoon excursion to Brighton Beach, a neighborhood as far south as you can go in Brooklyn. This little enclave is almost completely Russian, and that is what makes our adventure possible – no English! And, yes, despite our sparkle-less outfits, we blend enough that everyone assumes we are fluent. We spent three hours wandering in little delis and bakeries and shops, buying mysterious edibles. Once you leave the Roman alphabet behind, it can be pretty hard to even snag a clue. Our most hilarious purchase was at a large grocery store with an amazing prepared foods buffet (we scored beet salad, vegetable pancakes, various potatoes, and a savory spinach pastry). We selected several drinks to go with our lunch, judging by the pictures mostly, including a great cranberry something and an overly sweet mango drink. I also selected what looked like a root or ginger beer from the soda section, and got quite a surprise. While we still do not know what this product is being sold as, Dalen and I have dubbed it Beer Soda. Imagine if you will, a lightly carbonated, grain-flavored cough syrup and you will have approximated the yum-factor of Beer Soda. Dalen was laughing at my reaction to the drink, thinking the pregnant lady had inadvertently bought herself a non-alcoholic beer, but then she took a swig and the unique terribleness of Beer Soda turned her chuckles to near hysterics. She almost tossed the pickled beets off the bench she was doubled over so far. We did much better in the pastry department, sampling nearly a dozen baked goods, some stuffed with fruit, some slathered with poppy seeds, some made almost entirely with cheese. I am still waiting to hear the report about the hard candy Dalen took home to Kevin. It had a picture of a lobster on the wrapper.


Love this photo

Kind of took it by accident, but I love it.


Two more weeks down

As of today, TK should be about 3.3 lbs and 16 inches long from crown to heel. From here on out, it’s all about packing on the pounds.



I think there’s a major untapped market segment (especially here in Park Slope).  Everybody knows about prenatal yoga and prenatal Pilates for mom. But what about Dad? We don’t have to push a baby out, but we do have to lean over cribs to pick up baby, carry strollers, babies, car seats, diaper bags, and much more. And if I don’t prepare my body for that, it’s gonna be ugly.

Luckily, the Pilates class I usually take from Kesa often has only me in it. And so she’s willing to tailor it to me. Which means a ton of work on core strength, upper arms, lower back, and glutes—all the muscles I’ll need for being a dad.

I’m telling you, if some enterprising Pilates teacher started offering Dadilates, I bet it’d be huge.


My wife is awesome

That’s all.


UPDATE: I don’t think you can actually tell quite how awesome she is until you see her in profile.

Montie Video

Bath Time

Baths are not one of Montie’s favorite things. So luckily he doesn’t need them too often. But after a few months, he starts to smell a little doggier than he should and so we make him take a bath.

This time, I decided to document the indignity (and experiment with my camera’s interval shooting mode). So I set the camera up on a very high tripod inside the shower (critical for keeping it from getting wet), set it to take a photo every 3 seconds, and let ‘er rip.  I only forgot about one crucial detail … condensation.

Oh well, it was a fun experiment and you still get a good sense of just how hard Montie is trying to escape during the water torture.

Baby Brooklyn Family Weddings

Busy Weekend

We had a fun, but busy weekend. We were supposed to meet our friends Justin and Casey in the park for Miles for Midwives on Saturday morning, but when we texted them there was no reply. Since Casey was 39 weeks pregnant, we were kind of hoping they had a good reason to not respond … and sure enough, we heard from them a few hours later that Casey had given birth to a happy and healthy Sadie Indigo Krebs!

So then we had brunch with Dalen and Kevin. Then, Tina and Ira came in for a delicious dinner at Bogota.  After that we headed to Ikea to pick up a bunch of baby stuff, which was all going fine, until we hit the line. We still don’t know why–whether they were understaffed, or there was something wrong with the registers, or what–but the line was unreasonably slow.

Ira and Tina were real champs about it, though and were kind enough to bring their van so we didn’t have rent one. Then we did a little household maintenance when we got home using Ira’s tools. And then on Sunday, I made two lasagnas (one for us and one for Justin and Casey) while Kesa taught. And then last night we headed to Gowanus to witness the wedding of our friends Gretchen and Vinny, which was great.

So, one baby, one brunch, one dinner, new furniture, two lasagnas, and a wedding! Not bad for a weekend’s work.


Paying it forward

On Saturday, Dalen and Kesa went apple picking. On Sunday, Kesa left a bag of apples for Phil and Julia. Just now, we got a text to check our vestibule because some things are best warm out of the oven. I think that means it’s my turn to do something nice for somebody now.