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If it’s Monday….

it must be time for another installment of “Kesa strikes improbable poses despite a totally altered center of gravity.”


Brooklyn Musings


I have to say, I just don’t understand Amazon–especially Amazon Prime (the free unlimited two-day shipping thing).  We just signed up for our free one-month trial, which we’ll follow with our free Amazon Mom subscription (three more months of free two-day shipping).  After that, we’ll see if we want to pay the $79/year to continue the service.

But just in the one week we’ve had Amazon Prime, we’ve made 4 orders of 15 total items. All of them were as cheap or cheaper than we could get them elsewhere, and they get shipped to our house for free in two days.  Even the diaper wipes were cheaper from Amazon than at the Coop, where everything has a standard mark-up that generally beats retail handily.

So, what I don’t get is: How on earth is Amazon making money? Their prices are low, their profit margins are incredibly slim, and now they’re paying UPS and FedEx to deliver us our stuff quickly and not getting reimbursed.

Anyway, guess it’s not really my problem. So I’m happy to take advantage while it lasts. And it does seem like same-day delivery is the future. But what’s going to happen when they drive all the local retailers out of business and still can’t make real profits? At some point, they’d go the way of, right?

P.S. My crazy idea is to start a small business in the neighborhood where you tell Amazon to deliver to me, and then tell me exactly what time you’d like your package delivered.  Daytime, evening, late night, whenever.  I can’t be the only one that dreads leaving the house when UPS has my package out for delivery. And even for people with offices, better to get home delivery, rather than lugging your package home from the office, right?


35 Weeks

New location for this week’s photos: the nursery that is taking shape in an alcove of our bedroom.



Two more weeks down

Baby Politics

Well, that went well

It’s been pretty busy around the Huemin household for the last few weeks as we entered full-on election mode. Hence the lack of posts.

But the election is over and boy, it sure turned out well. The president was re-elected handily and the Senate races I was working on most closely delivered some amazing new senators. Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin, Chris Murphy, Sherrod Brown, and Mazie Hirono, all of whom MoveOn endorsed, won their races. And these aren’t just your average Democrats–they’re serious progressives who will shift the whole chamber to the left.

Not only that, but all of them are genuinely normal, good people. Elizabeth is brilliant and insightful and incredibly progressive; Tammy is just your average down-to-earth, super warm Wisconsinite; Chris is just a young guy with a family and a mortgage who’s now the next senator from Connecticut; Mazie’s very low-key and very sweet; and Sherrod is, well…. Let’s just put it this way. When I met with Sherrod most recently, he was wearing a rumpled suit and velcro sneakers. He’s exactly the populist, man-of-the-people senator you’d want from Ohio.

Oh, and one more fun story: Tammy called on Friday to say “thank you” to the tens of thousands of MoveOn members who donated to and volunteered for her campaign. And at the end of the call she said, “And I have a note here that says that your wife is expecting soon. If they gave me a note, she must be expecting really soon.” So I told her Kesa is due around Christmas. And she said, “Oh, that’s wonderful. Congratulations!”

So there ya go, TK. You’ve been congratulated by Senator-elect Tammy Baldwin, who come January will be America’s first openly gay senator, and you haven’t even been born yet.

Montie Video

We got a new dog

All summer, we had this wonderfully calm (some would say lethargic) big white furry dog who slept most of the day and was all around quite chill. He seemed pretty overwhelmed by the heat and the humidity and he really didn’t like it when it thundered.

But right as summer ended, we seem to have inadvertently swapped that dog out for a new one who is, on occasion, B-A-D. Our new dog is up at the crack of dawn, head butting the bed and making wookie noises to wake us up. He has a lot of energy, seems to think it’s okay to lunge at pigeons, and barks at other dogs on the street sometimes. He even has decided that barking in the house is something he should try from time to time when he isn’t satisfied with the amount of attention he’s getting or the quality of his treats.

Luckily, our new dog is just as cute as our old dog, but it looks like we’re going to have to reteach him some manners that our old dog had long since learned.


Let the eating begin!

The holidays are here! Tomorrow is Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving and our kitchen is revving up! Daniel is making bread,  and not just one loaf people, oh no. Proofing on our counter right now are a regular loaf, a sesame loaf and two olive loaves. I am trying two new recipes, one for mashed potatoes with fennel and rosemary, and one for pumpkin whoopie pies. I’m pretty sure that to consume an appropriate amount of holiday deliciousness as a pregnant lady I am going to need to eat smaller amounts more frequently, instead of the day-of sprint-to-the-finish mentality for which I usually opt. I am also pretty sure that I am up to the challenge.


Bird flys east


We had a great visit from Auntie Bird this week. She stayed with Dalen and Kevin and Fitzroy and kept an appropriately Brooklyn-centric schedule. Highlights included touring the crazy Pomegranate grocery store in Midwood (the Clark’s neighborhood), cruising Park Slope (the Huemin’s neighborhood) for Swedish coffee at Konditori and Colombian dinner at Bogota, and a lot of good old day-to-day fun like laundromat time and dog walking. We made ourselves a cozy election night party all squished on the couch, eating burgers from Bonnie’s Grill and being nervous. As we got toward the Ohio point of the evening Dalen, Kevin, Bird, Phil, Jules and I were all on the couch, and it is not a big couch! Sadly, we were a little distracted for picture-taking!