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Three Months

Remember that year when you were a teenager and you grew five inches? And you were so tired? And your family laughed at how much you ate and called you the vacuum? (Ok, maybe it was just me.) Our darling Talvi has just pulled off this feat in three months — five inches taller and many times rounder!

TT at 3 Months


Baby Video

Birthday Presents

I got many wonderful gifts for my birthday today. But this one was undoubtedly the best. (First time ever. We’ve never even heard a giggle before.)

(Thanks to my dad for catching this on video.)

Baby Family Video

93 Years

On Thursday, Kesa, Talvi and I went out to Long Island to visit with my grandparents (Talvi’s great-grandparents) to celebrate Harry’s 93rd birthday.  It was a great little party. My Aunt Judi even ran over from work to say hi.

We went out for lunch, had cake and ice cream, and thoroughly enjoyed how much Harry and Mollie enjoy Talvi. It’s such a blessing that she’s getting to know her great-grandparents and we fully intend to take advantage.  Here are some pictures and a video from the day.

Baby Video

Cause and effect

Hey look! I can make things happen! So fun!