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Let the Baby Boom Begin!

So, we know two babies–a boy and a girl–that were born last October. Talvi was born in December, as were our friends’ twin girls. Another boy was born in March, and two more girls were born in April. Another girl is due any day, then another friend is due in late May. Then Dalen and another friend are due in June. And then two more friends are due in July.

That’ll be fourteen babies in ten months when all is said and done.  Well, at least Talvi won’t lack for friends.

Baby Family

Aunt Power

Last week, Talvi had major auntie time. Besides her normal doses of Tia Loli and Aunt Jenny (plus extra for Jenny’s birthday) she met her Great Aunt Bird. Bird came out from Seattle to spend a week in Brooklyn with the Tiny T and her cousin-to-be. Also, their parents. A little. We skipped the normal tourist stuff and did things Talvi likes, such as activity mat time and bath time and rolling over. Talvi was very taken with Bird, especially when Bird would shake her hair all around Talvi’s face. I have been trying to recreate the move, and the happy reaction, but my short do is somewhat limiting. We took a trip to Anthropologie to visit Tia Loli, and Auntie Bird entertained Tiny T by traipsing her about the dressing room and introducing her to many adoring fans in the store so I could actually try on some clothes. I bought pants, so it was a big day for me! After the big rollover, Bird bestowed a new nickname on the baby, and a theme song: Roly Poly! (If you, like me, are the wrong generation, it’s a Doris Day song from Pillow Talk.) On Friday night, Bird, along with Dalen and Kevin, watched Talvi so Daniel and I could go out to a grown-up dinner. It was such a treat, though we were home by 9:30. The underlying tiredness was mightier than the excitement of uninterrupted conversation. It was a great week of auntie love for my chubby, mobile little Roly Poly!

Baby Video


Talvi is proud, that is. I mean, we’re proud of her persistence, too, but mostly we’re just pleased as punch at how proud she is of herself.

For the last two weeks, Talvi’s been working on her back to front rollover. She mastered front to back about a month ago, but lately she’s been determined to go back to front. She would scrunch her legs up to her tummy, roll hard left, get all the way up on her side, and then….get stuck, unable to figure out what to do about that dang arm in the way. So she’d roll back and give it another shot.

After a bunch of tries, she’d get frustrated enough that we’d give her a finger to hold on to, which was enough for her to pull herself over and onto her stomach and give her a big smile. But last night, she figured out whatever that last stumbling block was, because up onto her side she went, and then over onto her tummy. She enjoyed it so much, she did it again a minute later, and then again.

This morning, she was at it again. So without further ado, here’s what made Talvi so proud of herself.


Getting Big

Here are some recent photos of our growing girl.