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Confirmed Toothing

Let the record show that Mom, Dad, and Nena have all confirmed the appearance. Bottom lefty for the first tooth win!


Friday Afternoon: Ice and Hip Flexion

After her Friday morning date with Grandma Tina, Talvi spent the afternoon sitting up and chewing on ice. Not at the same time. A few of the teeth-to-be are (we hope) nearly ready to pop, so Tiny T needed the cooling effects of an ice cube in a baby sock.  And then, during some of her non-ice time, she made a huge leap in her vertical abilities. Up till this point Talvi has not been a fan of hip flexion; if you put her in a sitting position she would just arch her back until she was lying down, or try to stand up. But today, she sat! By herself! For 20-30 seconds at a time! This was followed by the long, slow lean and crash to the side, but it was still fun. I tried to take a few pictures, but it was hard to be the photographer and be on skull protection duty at the same time.


Baby Video

I tried to make Talvi laugh by beatboxing for her, but this is what she did instead

Never seen her even try before.


Baby Family

Talvi wants a cousin

Luckily, she’s going to get one, any day now. Dalen is due on June 12, so we had a little party for Dalen and Kevin and Celery (the baby’s in utero nickname) last weekend. We were hoping to have it in Prospect Park, but the weather didn’t cooperate, so we squeezed all of their friends, and an extra dog, into our apartment.

We took bets on whether Celery is a boy or a girl, but unhelpfully, the vote came out tied. So we’ll just have to wait and see. Here are some pictures of the festivities.

Baby Family

Seventy years

Earlier this month, we headed out to Garden City, Long Island for a celebratory brunch. The occasion? Harry and Mollie’s 70th wedding anniversary. You read that right–70th.

It was a wonderful party for a wonderful couple.

P.S. Talvi wore a dress she inherited from her Tia Lo to the party. It will be the only time she wears it, since it was a little tight around Talvi’s chubby biceps. Oh, and I should say, Dalen wore that dress on her 1st birthday. Yeah, Talvi’s a big girl.

Baby New Jersey

Let the showers begin

As you’d expect given the baby boom we’re in the middle of, we’ve been attending lots of showers lately. Here’s Talvi showering Orin and Katie, who are expecting at the very beginning of June. She’s going to have so many friends!

Baby Video


I know, I know, we’re terrible correspondents who are woefully behind on the updates. They’re coming, we promise. To tide you over, here’s Talvi being cute. In the last couple of weeks she’s really started getting into Peekaboo, as you can see here: