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Baby Musings

Talvi Theodora

Six months ago today, Talvi Theodora came into our lives. (She’d been part of our lives for the 9 months prior, of course, but as TK, not TT.) And over those six months, Talvi has gone from a beautiful, but helpless little being, to a strong, driven little girl with a whole lot of personality. So I thought today was as good a day as any to step back and take stock of who she is so far.

For those who haven’t gotten to meet her yet, or those who haven’t seen her in awhile, Talvi:

  • is a robust, full-bodied, will-give-you-biceps-if-you-carry-her-a-lot baby. At 19.5 lbs and 27+ inches, she’s in the 95th percentile on length and the 94th on weight.
  • has things to do and people to see. Talvi doesn’t sit still much. For someone who can’t walk or crawl yet (emphasis on the yet), she’s remarkably inventive about ways to locomote. Whether diving forward out of a sit, rolling over repeatedly, rotating her body, or finding some surface to brace her legs against so she can propel herself, all of her caretakers have had many moments of “how the heck did she get over there?”
  • is strong-willed. That’s not meant as an insult (look who’s writing it), nor really as a compliment. It’s just a statement of fact. When she wants to do something, she’s pretty intent on doing it–now. Generally that’s really fun. When she decides she needs to crawl before she goes to sleep and spends hours frustratedly trying to no avail, it’s not that fun for any of us. All four of her grandparents inform us that the apple has not fallen far from either tree in this respect.
  • is just plain strong. There’s not a lot of pudge there–it’s muscle. Try holding onto her when she doesn’t want to be held. Seriously, try.
  • isn’t dainty. From the very beginning, she’s liked being bounced, patted rhythmically, swung, etc.
  • has grown a natural mohawk. She lost most of the hair that she was born with, and what’s growing back is growing in a line down the middle of the top of her head. It’s pretty rock and roll.
  • loves the bath. Always has, since the first one. Hopefully always will.
  • hates the carseat. This is relatively new, though, and we’re hoping it’s just a phase that fades quickly. But for now, as much mass transit as we can.
  • is increasingly fascinated by the big, furry, white creature who lives in her house. She wants to run her hands through Montie’s fur and let him sniff her face. Luckily, he’s just about the chillest dog on earth and isn’t phased one bit by the loud, unpredictable small person who’s all over him.
  • loves new sights and sounds. Give her a room full of people to look at and she’ll stay engaged for hours.
  • is happy to play by herself for 15-20 minutes at a time. (This is relatively new.)
  • has decided that sitting up is actually pretty great. For a while there, she wasn’t so keen on bending her hips, but now that she has figured out that sitting lets her grab stuff with both handsĀ and look around, she’s pretty into it.
  • has a big toothy grin (two bottom teeth, at least) and a hilarious throaty giggle.
  • generally seems to be a very talented kinesthetic learner and has good spatial intelligence. She’s figured out how to hold the bottle in her mouth (not just hold it, but tip it up) and doesn’t really miss any more. Similarly, the first time we gave her a spoon, it went right in the mouth without missing.
  • has her own way of greeting/kissing people she loves, where she leans forward and grabs your face and pulls it close to hers.



6 Months

Half a year. Hard to believe. She’s grown a bit since we first met her.

Baby Video

Laughing, part deux

We are many updates behind, but here is a little video to hold you over. Please excuse the quality (iPhone, front camera, vertical — I know), but recognize the added cuteness of Talvi watching herself laugh on the screen in real-time.


On the Move

In the last couple of weeks, Talvi has figured out that if she’s lying on her back and sees something that she wants to get to, repeatedly rolling over can move her across the floor. (This of course scares the crap out of her parents since many rolls involve her head coming dangerously close to banging into the wood floor, but she seems unfazed.)

But as of the last couple of days, she’s tried to expand beyond lateral motion to forward motion. So now, when she’s lying on her tummy and sees a toy just out of reach in front of her, she starts swimming her arms and legs until she……starts to inch backwards. This, as you can imagine, is very frustrating for her. But apparently the “backwards first” crawl is pretty normal.

This probably means that forwards crawling is only a couple of weeks away, if that, so we should probably get moving on the child-proofing ASAP.