Monthly Archives: July 2013


So. Many. Babies.

Since October of last year, we’ve been witness to an endless parade of friends having babies. We’re at a bit of a pause now (before the inevitable next wave starts), so we thought it’d be a good time to say “WELCOME!” to Sadie, Huck, Theo, Pike, Jacob, Noga, Aya, Talvi, Rime, Sybil, Annalia, Ora, Mona, Leilian, Adlai, Grayson, Soren, and Genevieve.

Baby Video

Moving right along

We have forward motion! Talvi is mighty intrigued by technology, so yes, we are letting her go for the iPhone. The only problem with this source of inspiration is that while we do want to encourage our hard-working baby to stop for a moment and enjoy the taste of success, she wants to do so literally. Do you think the moisture sensors in iPhones are sensitive to baby drool?