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Baby Video

And up we go

There aren’t a lot of things in our apartment that are an appropriate height for Talvi to pull herself up on. So there’s been lots of exploration of down-facing dog and some other interesting poses, but not a lot of actual vertical motion. Then the other night, Talvi seemed interested in the possibility that the bars of her crib might be useful for pulling up on. But she couldn’t quite figure it out.

That didn’t last long.

Baby Brooklyn


No, not those kinds of milestones that all the baby literature gets excited about, but important moments along more cultural lines. On Thursday TT had her first Costco excursion (American shopping milestone) and her first trip to Di Fara (New York City culinary milestone). She seemed very pleased with both of these developments, except the part where I didn’t let her eat any pizza. 



Baby Montie Video


Everybody has their own.

Baby Video


It was a beautiful day on Tuesday, so while we waited for the laundry we hit the playground. This was Talvi’s second time in a swing and she was really getting the hang of it!

In other news, Talvi slept 11 hours last night and the night before. My mind is blown. My world is rocked. I don’t even know what to do with myself. Seriously. In order to keep the good sleep vibes flowing we are going to go out of town for four days and change everything. Ha!