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Baby Video

Stepping out

Talvi’s 11 months old today. And over the last week, she’s gone from take-a-step-fall-down to take-two-steps-fall-down to totter-along-fall-down. We’re not exactly sure when she’s “walking” as opposed to just “taking steps.” But she’s close. Take a look this morning:


What T’s up to

Talvi is just racking up the new tricks. They include:

  • Drinking from a straw.
  • Blowing at things to try to move them. (She learned this from the mobile that hangs above her changing table, but she seems to have generalized to any object, preferably hanging from the ceiling.)
  • Lots of receptive language. Ask her if she wants water and her eyes (and hands) go right to the water bottle. Ask her to point at your teeth, and you’ve got a mouthful of baby hand. Ask her where her dog is, and, well, watch out Montie.
  • Climbing stairs. She did the whole set of outside steps today without any hesitation.
  • Some proto-words. “Mmmmm” means Mom and/or milk. “Rwaaawa” seems to be water. And as of tonight, we’re pretty sure that “Ra ra ra” means book. Why does “ra ra ra” mean book, you ask? Well, “A cow says moo. A sheep says baaa. And three singing pigs say la la la,” or so says the Sandra Boynton book. “La la la” becomes “ra ra ra” in Talvispeak. And “ra ra ra” seems to have become the word for any book.
  • Her standing unassisted is still far from rock steady, but that isn’t stopping her from trying this walking thing. She only gets about half a step before falling down, but she’s a pretty determined kid, so it could be soon.
  • And as of tonight, she now gives “kisses.” If you ask her for a kiss, she leans in, lines up her mouth to yours, and makes a little pucker face. It’s just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.
Baby Family Seattle


So picking up from where we left off: After Portland, we headed to Seattle for a week. We had a great time, visiting Patrice’s store, introducing Talvi to the Corbins (who Kesa used to babysit), visiting with my Zipkin/Klingbeil cousins (twice in one weekend), meeting Fred*E’s new baby Genevieve, and hanging out at Tanya and Dave’s and watching Talvi and JJ (whose clothes Talvi’s been wearing for months) figure each other out.

We also had a great day in the park where oodles of friends and family came out to see us and to meet Talvi. It was a wonderful trip. And after two weeks away (and a totally wrecked sleep pattern), it was time to head back home. Luckily, we were greeted by a big furry dog who was very happy to see us (though Montie was very clear that he and Uncle Budge had a great time while we were gone).

Here are some pictures of the Seattle leg of our trip:

Baby Brooklyn Video

Another milestone

Talvi’s been slowly extending her ability to stand without holding onto anything all week. She’s up to about 20 seconds (though capturing it on film has been a challenge). Here’s a solid 8-second stand, though.

Baby Brooklyn Video

A typical Saturday morning at the zoo