Baby FAQ

  • When was the baby born?
    She was born on December 26th at 5:30 p.m.
  • What’s her name?
    Talvi Theodora Mintz?
  • Talvi? Where’d that come from?
    Read this.
  • So, how’s it going?
    You know, pretty good. It’s a major adjustment, but we’re both not working right now, and the tag-teaming makes everything easier. 
  • You’re together at home all the time? Ready to kill each other yet?
    Nah, we’re old pros at this. Remember, Daniel has been working from home forever, so this isn’t that new. Plus, between cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, walking the dog, and feeding/changing/bathing/amusing Talvi, it’s not like we’re just sitting around chatting all day.
  • Are you going to move?
    Nope, not imminently, at least. We love our apartment and love our location, so not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. We’ll see what we think once Talvi’s mobile.
  • How’s Montie adjusting?
    Just fine. He’s a pretty chill dude. Took him a couple weeks to figure out that even though everyone was awake doing stuff at 3 a.m., it was not in fact time for a walk. But he’s adjusted now, and mostly, he ignores Talvi. Occasionally he’ll come over and sniff her head, and when she’s having a screaming fit, he’ll sometimes get up, roll his eyes, and lumber into the other room to collapse in a heap where it’s quiet.

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