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A little video update

So, at the moment, it seems that blogging is not something we are able to fit into our lives regularly. However, a little video clip or two seemed possible this morning.

Baby Brooklyn Video

Vacuuming (Part Two)

So, Talvi is very fond of the full-size vacuum. But over the last few days, she’s discovered that she can wedge herself behind the radiator where the dustbuster lives. And voila! Baby-sized vacuum.

So today, she saw Kesa sweeping. Thought she could use a little help. Went and got the dustbuster and had me turn it on. And….



Baby Brooklyn Video

Another milestone

Talvi’s been slowly extending her ability to stand without holding onto anything all week. She’s up to about 20 seconds (though capturing it on film has been a challenge). Here’s a solid 8-second stand, though.

Baby Brooklyn Video

A typical Saturday morning at the zoo

Baby Brooklyn


No, not those kinds of milestones that all the baby literature gets excited about, but important moments along more cultural lines. On Thursday TT had her first Costco excursion (American shopping milestone) and her first trip to Di Fara (New York City culinary milestone). She seemed very pleased with both of these developments, except the part where I didn’t let her eat any pizza. 



Brooklyn Family Montie

Snow Day!

As you may have heard, it snowed a bit on Friday night. We were spared the brunt of it, but we still got 10 or so inches.

Montie, it turns out, LOVES the snow. It just makes him crazy happy. He bounces around in it, eats it, and wants to wrestle in it. So he and I took a trip to Prospect Park for our morning walk. Later in the afternoon, when the sun had come out, the whole family went back to the park, where we were joined, it seemed, by the entire borough of Brooklyn. Here are some photos.


Baby Brooklyn

Sunday Brunch

Brunch is the most important meal of the week in Brooklyn, and Phil and Julia were nice enough to invite us over to eat it with them today. It gave Talvi a chance to try out her stroller for the first time and us a chance to eat delicious frittata and salad.


Baby Brooklyn Family Montie


We’re home! Kesa and Talvi got wonderful care at St. Luke’s/Roosevelt, from Melanie and Laurie, Amanda, Kathy, Amy, Beth, and Kathy #2. We really couldn’t have asked for more caring, competent midwives and nurses. But we were so ready to be home. And now we are.

The girls are napping, as is the new big brother. So I thought I’d take a moment to post some pictures of Talvi’s first few days before I crash, too.

Brooklyn Musings


I have to say, I just don’t understand Amazon–especially Amazon Prime (the free unlimited two-day shipping thing).  We just signed up for our free one-month trial, which we’ll follow with our free Amazon Mom subscription (three more months of free two-day shipping).  After that, we’ll see if we want to pay the $79/year to continue the service.

But just in the one week we’ve had Amazon Prime, we’ve made 4 orders of 15 total items. All of them were as cheap or cheaper than we could get them elsewhere, and they get shipped to our house for free in two days.  Even the diaper wipes were cheaper from Amazon than at the Coop, where everything has a standard mark-up that generally beats retail handily.

So, what I don’t get is: How on earth is Amazon making money? Their prices are low, their profit margins are incredibly slim, and now they’re paying UPS and FedEx to deliver us our stuff quickly and not getting reimbursed.

Anyway, guess it’s not really my problem. So I’m happy to take advantage while it lasts. And it does seem like same-day delivery is the future. But what’s going to happen when they drive all the local retailers out of business and still can’t make real profits? At some point, they’d go the way of, right?

P.S. My crazy idea is to start a small business in the neighborhood where you tell Amazon to deliver to me, and then tell me exactly what time you’d like your package delivered.  Daytime, evening, late night, whenever.  I can’t be the only one that dreads leaving the house when UPS has my package out for delivery. And even for people with offices, better to get home delivery, rather than lugging your package home from the office, right?


Let the eating begin!

The holidays are here! Tomorrow is Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving and our kitchen is revving up! Daniel is making bread,  and not just one loaf people, oh no. Proofing on our counter right now are a regular loaf, a sesame loaf and two olive loaves. I am trying two new recipes, one for mashed potatoes with fennel and rosemary, and one for pumpkin whoopie pies. I’m pretty sure that to consume an appropriate amount of holiday deliciousness as a pregnant lady I am going to need to eat smaller amounts more frequently, instead of the day-of sprint-to-the-finish mentality for which I usually opt. I am also pretty sure that I am up to the challenge.