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Baby Brooklyn Family Montie Travel Video

A little video update

So, at the moment, it seems that blogging is not something we are able to fit into our lives regularly. However, a little video clip or two seemed possible this morning.

Baby Family Seattle


So picking up from where we left off: After Portland, we headed to Seattle for a week. We had a great time, visiting Patrice’s store, introducing Talvi to the Corbins (who Kesa used to babysit), visiting with my Zipkin/Klingbeil cousins (twice in one weekend), meeting Fred*E’s new baby Genevieve, and hanging out at Tanya and Dave’s and watching Talvi and JJ (whose clothes Talvi’s been wearing for months) figure each other out.

We also had a great day in the park where oodles of friends and family came out to see us and to meet Talvi. It was a wonderful trip. And after two weeks away (and a totally wrecked sleep pattern), it was time to head back home. Luckily, we were greeted by a big furry dog who was very happy to see us (though Montie was very clear that he and Uncle Budge had a great time while we were gone).

Here are some pictures of the Seattle leg of our trip:

Baby Bend Family Travel


After a slightly disastrous flight home from Vermont (entirely Delta’s fault–Talvi was a total peach), we were home for a couple of days before we got right back on a plane and headed to Bend, Oregon to visit Kesa’s parents.

Bend in summer is quite spectacular. It’s warm and sunny during the day and cool at night. And most importantly, it’s dry! No humidity at all.

In Bend we discovered that grandparents’ interests (more baby!) and parents’ interest (more sleep!) align perfectly. So every morning, when Talvi would wake up at 7, we’d go dump her with the grandparents and get some much-needed rest. (Actually, I should note that we had discovered this when we took a mini-vacation to a lake in NJ with my parents earlier in August, only to rediscover it in Bend.)

Not only did we get to sleep in, we also went out three nights in a row! Neither of us could remember the last time that’d happened, but it almost certainly was before Kesa got pregnant.

Other highlights of the trip included a visit to Fields Farm (Kesa’s cousin’s organic farm), where Talvi ate raspberries and tiny cauliflower and god knows what else; a visit “backstage” to two of the twenty(!) craft breweries in Bend, thanks to Cousin James; floating down the Deschutes River in tubes; taking a hike with the cousins; and having the whole crew of cousins over for lunch.

All in all, it was a great start to our west coast swing. Here are some pictures.

Baby Family

Talvi wants a cousin

Luckily, she’s going to get one, any day now. Dalen is due on June 12, so we had a little party for Dalen and Kevin and Celery (the baby’s in utero nickname) last weekend. We were hoping to have it in Prospect Park, but the weather didn’t cooperate, so we squeezed all of their friends, and an extra dog, into our apartment.

We took bets on whether Celery is a boy or a girl, but unhelpfully, the vote came out tied. So we’ll just have to wait and see. Here are some pictures of the festivities.

Baby Family

Seventy years

Earlier this month, we headed out to Garden City, Long Island for a celebratory brunch. The occasion? Harry and Mollie’s 70th wedding anniversary. You read that right–70th.

It was a wonderful party for a wonderful couple.

P.S. Talvi wore a dress she inherited from her Tia Lo to the party. It will be the only time she wears it, since it was a little tight around Talvi’s chubby biceps. Oh, and I should say, Dalen wore that dress on her 1st birthday. Yeah, Talvi’s a big girl.

Baby Family

Aunt Power

Last week, Talvi had major auntie time. Besides her normal doses of Tia Loli and Aunt Jenny (plus extra for Jenny’s birthday) she met her Great Aunt Bird. Bird came out from Seattle to spend a week in Brooklyn with the Tiny T and her cousin-to-be. Also, their parents. A little. We skipped the normal tourist stuff and did things Talvi likes, such as activity mat time and bath time and rolling over. Talvi was very taken with Bird, especially when Bird would shake her hair all around Talvi’s face. I have been trying to recreate the move, and the happy reaction, but my short do is somewhat limiting. We took a trip to Anthropologie to visit Tia Loli, and Auntie Bird entertained Tiny T by traipsing her about the dressing room and introducing her to many adoring fans in the store so I could actually try on some clothes. I bought pants, so it was a big day for me! After the big rollover, Bird bestowed a new nickname on the baby, and a theme song: Roly Poly! (If you, like me, are the wrong generation, it’s a Doris Day song from Pillow Talk.) On Friday night, Bird, along with Dalen and Kevin, watched Talvi so Daniel and I could go out to a grown-up dinner. It was such a treat, though we were home by 9:30. The underlying tiredness was mightier than the excitement of uninterrupted conversation. It was a great week of auntie love for my chubby, mobile little Roly Poly!

Baby Family Video

93 Years

On Thursday, Kesa, Talvi and I went out to Long Island to visit with my grandparents (Talvi’s great-grandparents) to celebrate Harry’s 93rd birthday.  It was a great little party. My Aunt Judi even ran over from work to say hi.

We went out for lunch, had cake and ice cream, and thoroughly enjoyed how much Harry and Mollie enjoy Talvi. It’s such a blessing that she’s getting to know her great-grandparents and we fully intend to take advantage.  Here are some pictures and a video from the day.

Baby Family

But does the girl have a nickname?

Fear not, Huey tribe, Talvi is bearing up well under her genetic responsibility to have a sufficient number of monikers to bewilder all outsiders. Check out the seven week tally below.

Currently, the little one sometimes gets called:

  • Talvikki – the official Finnish diminutive.
  • Talvs – the obvious shortening.
  • Mintz Mouse/Mousey Mintz/Tiny Mouse – mostly by Nena, but Tiny Mouse is gaining traction here.
  • SweetT – from Grandma Tina. For her southern roots.
  • TT – her initials. Also, TT Roadster, homage to Uncle Budge’s longstanding nickname, BBA (Boojus Boojus Audi).

Used frequently, but not really suitable for lifelong use (family, that is NOT a challenge):

  • The Baby  – generic, perhaps, but useful. For example, “Oh, Hubsand, The Baby needs new pants.”
  • Snorthog – a reference to her table manners. We will try to make sure this one dies out before grade school.

At the top of the list, for frequent usage and acceptable longevity:

  • Talvidora – cute, right?
  • Tiny T – we have Miss T (aka Cousin Tegan) to thank for this one. It will be extra funny at family camp when she’s sixteen and 6’1”.
Brooklyn Family Montie

Snow Day!

As you may have heard, it snowed a bit on Friday night. We were spared the brunt of it, but we still got 10 or so inches.

Montie, it turns out, LOVES the snow. It just makes him crazy happy. He bounces around in it, eats it, and wants to wrestle in it. So he and I took a trip to Prospect Park for our morning walk. Later in the afternoon, when the sun had come out, the whole family went back to the park, where we were joined, it seemed, by the entire borough of Brooklyn. Here are some photos.


Baby Family Travel

Visiting the great-grandparents

Last week, we took our longest trip yet with Talvi, driving out to Long Island to visit her great-grandparents. They were wonderful hosts and Talvi was quite well-behaved, both in the car and at their house. She’s so lucky to have great-grandparents and they absolutely adore her, so this will undoubtedly be the first of many trips out to see them.