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Baby Brooklyn Family Montie Travel Video

A little video update

So, at the moment, it seems that blogging is not something we are able to fit into our lives regularly. However, a little video clip or two seemed possible this morning.

Baby Montie Video


Everybody has their own.

Brooklyn Family Montie

Snow Day!

As you may have heard, it snowed a bit on Friday night. We were spared the brunt of it, but we still got 10 or so inches.

Montie, it turns out, LOVES the snow. It just makes him crazy happy. He bounces around in it, eats it, and wants to wrestle in it. So he and I took a trip to Prospect Park for our morning walk. Later in the afternoon, when the sun had come out, the whole family went back to the park, where we were joined, it seemed, by the entire borough of Brooklyn. Here are some photos.


Baby Montie Video

Coming Home (the Movie)

My dad was nice enough to put together a quick video of Talvi leaving the hospital, coming home, and meeting Montie. Mostly, I think Montie was super excited to see his mom for the first time in 3 days. Not sure he noticed that Talvi was even there (though he definitely knows now).


Montie would like to remind you

that Talvi isn’t the only cute being in the house.

Montie being cute

Baby Brooklyn Family Montie


We’re home! Kesa and Talvi got wonderful care at St. Luke’s/Roosevelt, from Melanie and Laurie, Amanda, Kathy, Amy, Beth, and Kathy #2. We really couldn’t have asked for more caring, competent midwives and nurses. But we were so ready to be home. And now we are.

The girls are napping, as is the new big brother. So I thought I’d take a moment to post some pictures of Talvi’s first few days before I crash, too.

Montie Video

We got a new dog

All summer, we had this wonderfully calm (some would say lethargic) big white furry dog who slept most of the day and was all around quite chill. He seemed pretty overwhelmed by the heat and the humidity and he really didn’t like it when it thundered.

But right as summer ended, we seem to have inadvertently swapped that dog out for a new one who is, on occasion, B-A-D. Our new dog is up at the crack of dawn, head butting the bed and making wookie noises to wake us up. He has a lot of energy, seems to think it’s okay to lunge at pigeons, and barks at other dogs on the street sometimes. He even has decided that barking in the house is something he should try from time to time when he isn’t satisfied with the amount of attention he’s getting or the quality of his treats.

Luckily, our new dog is just as cute as our old dog, but it looks like we’re going to have to reteach him some manners that our old dog had long since learned.

Montie Video

Bath Time

Baths are not one of Montie’s favorite things. So luckily he doesn’t need them too often. But after a few months, he starts to smell a little doggier than he should and so we make him take a bath.

This time, I decided to document the indignity (and experiment with my camera’s interval shooting mode). So I set the camera up on a very high tripod inside the shower (critical for keeping it from getting wet), set it to take a photo every 3 seconds, and let ‘er rip.  I only forgot about one crucial detail … condensation.

Oh well, it was a fun experiment and you still get a good sense of just how hard Montie is trying to escape during the water torture.

Montie Video

Montie’s Big Morning

Today Montie became a real Brooklyn dog: he went to off-leash hours at Prospect Park, and he had a blast.

Given his breed’s reputation for independence we wanted to establish a perfectly clear family/pack bond before he got to run free. Great Pyrenees, unlike dogs bred to hunt or herd, aren’t really programed to check in with their humans. When working, they often are out in the mountains with a flock of sheep for days without supervision. And for the more suburban Pyrs we have heard this easily translates to “Pyrenees earplugs”: complete obliviousness to calling, people, and treats, while heading out to do a thorough perimeter check of the surrounding 300 acres! So, Daniel and I got up early and explained to Montie at length that we were very clear on the borders of the park and that there was no flock to guard. We also packed an enormous assortment of treats, including bread and duck feet, two of his favorites., before heading out. The main areas of the park are off-leash until 9am and it is doggie heaven. And Montie was perfect. He stayed relatively close, checked back with us constantly (probably related to all the treats we were throwing at him, but hey, we know he loves us), said hi to some other dogs, came when called, and even got exuberant – for him.

He is all tired out now and asleep on the closet floor, but that’s pretty standard Montie.