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Well, that went well

It’s been pretty busy around the Huemin household for the last few weeks as we entered full-on election mode. Hence the lack of posts.

But the election is over and boy, it sure turned out well. The president was re-elected handily and the Senate races I was working on most closely delivered some amazing new senators. Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin, Chris Murphy, Sherrod Brown, and Mazie Hirono, all of whom MoveOn endorsed, won their races. And these aren’t just your average Democrats–they’re serious progressives who will shift the whole chamber to the left.

Not only that, but all of them are genuinely normal, good people. Elizabeth is brilliant and insightful and incredibly progressive; Tammy is just your average down-to-earth, super warm Wisconsinite; Chris is just a young guy with a family and a mortgage who’s now the next senator from Connecticut; Mazie’s very low-key and very sweet; and Sherrod is, well…. Let’s just put it this way. When I met with Sherrod most recently, he was wearing a rumpled suit and velcro sneakers. He’s exactly the populist, man-of-the-people senator you’d want from Ohio.

Oh, and one more fun story: Tammy called on Friday to say “thank you” to the tens of thousands of MoveOn members who donated to and volunteered for her campaign. And at the end of the call she said, “And I have a note here that says that your wife is expecting soon. If they gave me a note, she must be expecting really soon.” So I told her Kesa is due around Christmas. And she said, “Oh, that’s wonderful. Congratulations!”

So there ya go, TK. You’ve been congratulated by Senator-elect Tammy Baldwin, who come January will be America’s first openly gay senator, and you haven’t even been born yet.