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Baby Brooklyn Family Montie Travel Video

A little video update

So, at the moment, it seems that blogging is not something we are able to fit into our lives regularly. However, a little video clip or two seemed possible this morning.

Baby Family Seattle


So picking up from where we left off: After Portland, we headed to Seattle for a week. We had a great time, visiting Patrice’s store, introducing Talvi to the Corbins (who Kesa used to babysit), visiting with my Zipkin/Klingbeil cousins (twice in one weekend), meeting Fred*E’s new baby Genevieve, and hanging out at Tanya and Dave’s and watching Talvi and JJ (whose clothes Talvi’s been wearing for months) figure each other out.

We also had a great day in the park where oodles of friends and family came out to see us and to meet Talvi. It was a wonderful trip. And after two weeks away (and a totally wrecked sleep pattern), it was time to head back home. Luckily, we were greeted by a big furry dog who was very happy to see us (though Montie was very clear that he and Uncle Budge had a great time while we were gone).

Here are some pictures of the Seattle leg of our trip:

Baby Portland


After our week in Bend, we were headed to Seattle. But how to get there when you have a baby who’s not a big fan of car rides? Well, you plan your trip around the baby’s naptime, of course.

We left Bend as Talvi was ready for her late morning nap and had a peaceful 3.5-hour trip to our midway point: Portland. We dropped in on the Putnams–Lexi and Jesse and the kiddos, Miette, Sebastian, and the newest addition, Soren.

We made a quick stop at the nearby park, had dinner all together, and then, just as Talvi was getting sleepy, piled back in the car for a sleepy 3-hour drive to Seattle. So, all in all, a very successful strategy. Here are some pics of our afternoon with the Putnams.

Baby Bend Family Travel


After a slightly disastrous flight home from Vermont (entirely Delta’s fault–Talvi was a total peach), we were home for a couple of days before we got right back on a plane and headed to Bend, Oregon to visit Kesa’s parents.

Bend in summer is quite spectacular. It’s warm and sunny during the day and cool at night. And most importantly, it’s dry! No humidity at all.

In Bend we discovered that grandparents’ interests (more baby!) and parents’ interest (more sleep!) align perfectly. So every morning, when Talvi would wake up at 7, we’d go dump her with the grandparents and get some much-needed rest. (Actually, I should note that we had discovered this when we took a mini-vacation to a lake in NJ with my parents earlier in August, only to rediscover it in Bend.)

Not only did we get to sleep in, we also went out three nights in a row! Neither of us could remember the last time that’d happened, but it almost certainly was before Kesa got pregnant.

Other highlights of the trip included a visit to Fields Farm (Kesa’s cousin’s organic farm), where Talvi ate raspberries and tiny cauliflower and god knows what else; a visit “backstage” to two of the twenty(!) craft breweries in Bend, thanks to Cousin James; floating down the Deschutes River in tubes; taking a hike with the cousins; and having the whole crew of cousins over for lunch.

All in all, it was a great start to our west coast swing. Here are some pictures.

Baby Travel Vermont Weddings

Weekend in Vermont

Alright, we’re terribly terribly behind, I know. Sorry :-/

So to back all the way up to late August, Talvi took her first flight–a very short one–up to Burlington, VT to attend the wedding of our good friends Chris and Laura. She was great on the plane and we arrived with no problems.

When we showed up at Hertz, they sent us into the garage to find our car, which turned out to be….a pickup truck! The bed smelled like manure and the radio was tuned to NPR, so we thought it was quite the Vermont experience.

The wedding itself was at an absolutely stunning location looking out over Lake Champlain. Talvi borrowed a dress from her Tia Lo (Dalen), who we think wore it to her 1st birthday. Talvi wasn’t quite 8 months and it just fit over her chubby arms. But she looked great and it was a beautiful day. Here are some pictures:

Baby New Jersey

Let the showers begin

As you’d expect given the baby boom we’re in the middle of, we’ve been attending lots of showers lately. Here’s Talvi showering Orin and Katie, who are expecting at the very beginning of June. She’s going to have so many friends!

Baby New Jersey


After dressing Talvi in her Springsteen onesie, we headed to my parents’ house in Highland Park yesterday to show off introduce Talvi to all the family friends.  She was, no surprise, a hit. She was in a great mood and perfectly content to be passed from one cooing friend to another. And it was great for us to be able to chat with everyone, knowing Talvi was well looked after.

Baby DC Travel Weddings

A bunch of firsts

Talvi had a bunch of firsts this weekend. Her first road trip, her first wedding, her first night in a hotel, her first meal in a restaurant, her first visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and, most importantly, her first visit to the ancestral homeland … New Jersey!

We drove down to Fairfax, VA on Friday for Kesa’s friend Michelle’s wedding on Friday night. Talvi insisted that we listen only to Bruce as we cruised down the Jersey Turnpike. (Actually, Talvi was a total dream in the car, sleeping soundly 90% of the trip both ways.)

Talvi got all gussied up in a party dress and had a great time getting cooed over by all the wedding guests. Then she was very cooperative and slept soundly at the hotel in her travel crib. On Saturday morning, we headed into DC and brunched with our friends Ilyse, Nita and Jesse at Old Ebbitt, right next to the White House.

We made a quick stop in front of 1600 Pennsylvania for a picture, before hopping in the car and driving to the nearest Babies R Us to pick up some supplies. (We figured we might as well live it up as suburbanites for the day.) Then, since Talvi slept straight through to Staten Island, we were able to make it all the way back to Brooklyn without stopping.

All in all, a very successful trip. Next time we’ll just have to learn how to do it without bringing enough bags to provision a small army :-)

Baby Family Travel

Visiting the great-grandparents

Last week, we took our longest trip yet with Talvi, driving out to Long Island to visit her great-grandparents. They were wonderful hosts and Talvi was quite well-behaved, both in the car and at their house. She’s so lucky to have great-grandparents and they absolutely adore her, so this will undoubtedly be the first of many trips out to see them.

Baby Travel

I’m back

Successfully completed a four-day trip to DC for meetings and a conference without having to rush back to NYC for TK’s arrival. While I was gone, Kesa had her one required appointment with an OB/GYN (as opposed to our great midwives who we usually see). Everything checked out and he signed off on our using the birthing center.

As of tomorrow, TK will be full term. Though, of course, you’d never know from Kesa’s schedule that she’s nearly 37 weeks. As I write this, my amazing wife is working a full day, teaching two classes and three private lessons (with a break for prenatal yoga). But she’ll take on a more relaxed schedule starting this week. And no more travel for me. Now we just wait for TK’s arrival.