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Baby DC Travel Weddings

A bunch of firsts

Talvi had a bunch of firsts this weekend. Her first road trip, her first wedding, her first night in a hotel, her first meal in a restaurant, her first visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and, most importantly, her first visit to the ancestral homeland … New Jersey!

We drove down to Fairfax, VA on Friday for Kesa’s friend Michelle’s wedding on Friday night. Talvi insisted that we listen only to Bruce as we cruised down the Jersey Turnpike. (Actually, Talvi was a total dream in the car, sleeping soundly 90% of the trip both ways.)

Talvi got all gussied up in a party dress and had a great time getting cooed over by all the wedding guests. Then she was very cooperative and slept soundly at the hotel in her travel crib. On Saturday morning, we headed into DC and brunched with our friends Ilyse, Nita and Jesse at Old Ebbitt, right next to the White House.

We made a quick stop in front of 1600 Pennsylvania for a picture, before hopping in the car and driving to the nearest Babies R Us to pick up some supplies. (We figured we might as well live it up as suburbanites for the day.) Then, since Talvi slept straight through to Staten Island, we were able to make it all the way back to Brooklyn without stopping.

All in all, a very successful trip. Next time we’ll just have to learn how to do it without bringing enough bags to provision a small army :-)