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So picking up from where we left off: After Portland, we headed to Seattle for a week. We had a great time, visiting Patrice’s store, introducing Talvi to the Corbins (who Kesa used to babysit), visiting with my Zipkin/Klingbeil cousins (twice in one weekend), meeting Fred*E’s new baby Genevieve, and hanging out at Tanya and Dave’s and watching Talvi and JJ (whose clothes Talvi’s been wearing for months) figure each other out.

We also had a great day in the park where oodles of friends and family came out to see us and to meet Talvi. It was a wonderful trip. And after two weeks away (and a totally wrecked sleep pattern), it was time to head back home. Luckily, we were greeted by a big furry dog who was very happy to see us (though Montie was very clear that he and Uncle Budge had a great time while we were gone).

Here are some pictures of the Seattle leg of our trip:

Seattle Travel Weddings

Babies and Crumpets and Weddings, oh my!

We went out to Seattle and managed to see and do a ton in just a few days.  We saw Abby and David and Julia and Ethan, who were nice enough to come over to Tanya and Dave’s for dinner.  We went to Kesa’s dance professor, Jen’s, wedding at the UW Faculty Club. We visited REI and the Pike Place Market, which even after many trips to Seattle, I’d never done. And Kesa’s goddaughter JJ got baptized.  We also visited with a bunch of other family and friends and managed not to get rained on too much.