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Weekend in Vermont

Alright, we’re terribly terribly behind, I know. Sorry :-/

So to back all the way up to late August, Talvi took her first flight–a very short one–up to Burlington, VT to attend the wedding of our good friends Chris and Laura. She was great on the plane and we arrived with no problems.

When we showed up at Hertz, they sent us into the garage to find our car, which turned out to be….a pickup truck! The bed smelled like manure and the radio was tuned to NPR, so we thought it was quite the Vermont experience.

The wedding itself was at an absolutely stunning location looking out over Lake Champlain. Talvi borrowed a dress from her Tia Lo (Dalen), who we think wore it to her 1st birthday. Talvi wasn’t quite 8 months and it just fit over her chubby arms. But she looked great and it was a beautiful day. Here are some pictures: