We got a new dog

All summer, we had this wonderfully calm (some would say lethargic) big white furry dog who slept most of the day and was all around quite chill. He seemed pretty overwhelmed by the heat and the humidity and heĀ really didn’t like it when it thundered.

But right as summer ended, we seem to have inadvertently swapped that dog out for a new one who is, on occasion, B-A-D. Our new dog is up at the crack of dawn, head butting the bed and making wookie noises to wake us up. He has a lot of energy, seems to think it’s okay to lunge at pigeons, and barks at other dogs on the street sometimes. He even has decided that barking in the house is something he should try from time to time when he isn’t satisfied with the amount of attention he’s getting or the quality of his treats.

Luckily, our new dog is just as cute as our old dog, but it looks like we’re going to have to reteach him some manners that our old dog had long since learned.

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